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I'm working on a series!

2009-06-27 17:52:22 by Trottimus

Hey guys!

Considering the great response I got from my first submission, I'm stepping up my game and producing ideas for a series!

At the moment, I'm hoping to have 3 protagonists set in standard Britain. There's two normal guys, oh and the dude in the picture below...

Yea that's right, he's a flaming Ninja! Not only that but he's Scottish too... and he's called Neil, not sure how that happened.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, I currently have a "test" animation underway involving Neil the Ninja, to push my skills and his character.

My current progress with that is: Script and storyboarding complete!

Let me know what you think of Neil, the deluded scottish Ninja :)

I'm working on a series!


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2009-06-27 18:28:56

Sounds good man, keep us updated with it, pictures looks good :D

Trottimus responds:

I will do :)