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Love it

Simple but effective.

I seriously laugh every time when Batman starts doing it back. Haha


That was a well executed idea, very original, and very funny throughout.

I particularly liked the part where he heard the kung fu song, and tried to escape. The inevitability was hilarious!
There were some very intelligent choices of songs too, like the imagination part. I didn't see that coming.

Fantastic job, keep it coming.


This is great stuff. I particularly like the use of camera angles you used, it certainly added more style to this piece. I also enjoyed the the drawing style you have adopted, it worked with the pace of the movie for sure.

I also loved your choice of colour palette, very well done.

All in all, great piece!


This was a very nice flash to watch, the hedgehog was very subjective and he reeled me in and kept me there throughout.

Good job!

It's like watching Squirrels on steriods with Axes

I love this movie, it's one of those movies where you really can't stop laughing, then you realise this could actually affect your mental health, but you keep watching it anyway eventually falling off your chair...maybe cracking a rib or whatever.

I bow to you, you are a god among men, you shall forever remain on my favourite list, I love the way you made it fast, crazy and funny and wrapped it all up in visual madness.

I want more, MORE goddammit *begins to drool*
Probably best if I walk away back to my hole now...

I loves yah!

Seriously, your work with Tankman is genius.

No matter who gives this a bad rating or whatever, we both know you can create good humour.
It's so good even that it's inspired me to continue with my animation, and believe me that's a great achievement.

Good job squire, I have given you a higher score and you deserve every bit of it mate!

I can't wait for the next in the series, keep it as random and spontaneous and laugh out loud funny as the other 2 (as well as the parody version), I have no doubt in my mind that you will.

Catch you later! :D

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