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Love it

Simple but effective.

I seriously laugh every time when Batman starts doing it back. Haha


That was a well executed idea, very original, and very funny throughout.

I particularly liked the part where he heard the kung fu song, and tried to escape. The inevitability was hilarious!
There were some very intelligent choices of songs too, like the imagination part. I didn't see that coming.

Fantastic job, keep it coming.


This is great stuff. I particularly like the use of camera angles you used, it certainly added more style to this piece. I also enjoyed the the drawing style you have adopted, it worked with the pace of the movie for sure.

I also loved your choice of colour palette, very well done.

All in all, great piece!

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Nicely made game.

Obviously it's quite limited, but I just love it because it's in my home county!

Plus the whole pissing in a bottle and throwing it is hilarious, nice work.

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Influential and Inspirational

I rarely write reviews, and when I do it's for good reason.

This e-book was a fantastic tool for me to gain motivation to start animating. I've been in and out of the thought of doing it, and when I eventually knuckle down to start something, I lose it amongst the steep learning curve of the program.

You however went over pretty much everything I'd not learnt thus far to get me started, not only that but the way in which you articulated the points and wrote the tutorial was not only down to earth but also very motivational and for that I thank you.

As a result, you've got yet another hobby animator going again, maybe even one day I'll have something worthy of submitting to Newgrounds.

Thanks for spending your (ever so precious) time in making this, and thus saving us all a large amount of time making our own pieces.

Thanks SpikeVallentine!

SpikeVallentine responds:

Very cool how it positively effected you. Thank you for your appreciation! Glory to God!

Make something or at least harness whatever focused passion you have.
(Apply wiseness of course)

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This is an excellent piece of work.

I particularly like the blend of drums along with the ambient bass riff. The drums are extremely crisp, and the simplistic beats mixed with the occasional stuttered variation works a treat.

Fantastic work, I'm glad this song is standing alongside my own on the album collab!

- Trottimus

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you, it's a honor to have you on my side. =)
I hope you enjoy the rest of the tracks


You've certainly created a feeling for me at least!

Simplicity is definitely the key, and this song is testament to that! Beautiful melody.


lacifer responds:

Thanx alot man!

I agree with you on the simplicity thing... and often the hard part is to get simplicity to work right... when it does ,its just great.

Loving the intro!

Hey dude,
I really do love intro and how it builds in, contrast is a wonderful thing, and you make use of it well.

I like the riff as well, works well, and doesn't get boring.

Anything to criticise? Not really, I want some more music from you man!


dicennian responds:

I'm working on another DnB song right now. Thanks for writing the review!

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